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Iran Hostage Crisis


Rescue Attempts By The United States

Gifts were showered upon the hostages upon their return, including lifetime passes to any major or minor league baseball game.

In 2000, the hostages and their families tried to sue Iran, unsuccessfully, under the Antiterrorism Act. They originally won the case when Iran failed to provide defense, but the U.S. State Department tried to put an end to the suit, fearing that it would make international relations difficult. As a result, a federal judge ruled that nothing could be done to repay the damages the hostages faced due to the agreement they made when the hostages were freed.

Various allegations have been made over the years concerning a deal between the Reagan kitchen cabinet and Iran, in order to delay the release of the hostages until after the US election of 1980. Although Senate and House investigations in the 1990s declared the allegations to be untrue, although, the conspiracy's existence or lack remains a hot topic and subject of debate.

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